Record a Video in Teams

Videos can be recorded using the Meet Now option within a team channel. Keep in mind that, by default, all members will be able to view your recorded video (permissions can be modified later in Microsoft Stream).

Follow the steps below to record a video.

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams.
  2. In the left menu bar, select Teams.
  3. Select the desired Team and Channel.

    Screenshot of Teams channel

  4. Click the Meet button near the top right.

    Screenshot of Meet button.

  5. In the Meeting title area, click to change the title if desired.

    Screenshot of meeting title area.

  6. Ensure your webcam is turned on, audio is setup properly, and click Join now.
  7. Once you are ready, from the More actions menu, select Start recording.

    Screenshot of start recording menu option.

    TIP: During the video recording, look directly into the webcam as you are speaking. This will simulate eye contact in the final video.
  8. During your video recording, you have the option to share your screen or an application by clicking the Share content button.

    Screenshot of share content button.

  9. Once you are finished with your video, click Leave.

    Screenshot of leave button.

  10. The recording will stop, the video will be processed and made available for viewing or download  through the Teams channel or online through OneDrive.

    Screenshot of Teams showing the video, which you can click on to play, within the Teams channel.